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Participation in area upscale apartment complex vendor villages. Subdivision Sunday coming in 2023! Electricity provided if needed. Lights provided after dark. 

First Coast Vendor Villages are all at big, luxury apartment complexes.  I work with the leasing office to advertise.

Flyers go out to every resident, plus placed at mailboxes and all common areas and lots of social media marketing. Yard signs will also be placed at the entry and common areas the Monday of the village. 

There will be a food truck too and we’ll be taking pre-orders for dinners the week of…

Also, we’re set up right in front of the leasing office where everyone can see us…

I have a good handle on what vendors need and what customers want. I’ve been a vendor myself for 12 years. I now organize these markets too. 💪👍❤️

All agreements and payments are FIRM and NON-REFUNDABLE. 

All Vendor Fees are Non-Refundable once paid. Rain or shine villages. However, they are transferrable over to another village should I  have to cancel on a particular date. NO EXCEPTIONS.