Bobbles Bangles and Bling Jewelry That Rocks!

As a single Mom, I wanted a career that allowed me the flexibility to be very involved with my daughter’s school and extra curricula activities.  One day I saw a woman wearing a beautiful necklace.  I asked her where she got it.  She told me she was a merchandiser and I should come to her warehouse to see her magnificent jewelry. I did and was mesmerized (not to mention "hooked") by the floor to ceiling jewelry I saw!  It was fabulous and very blingy!  I told her I’d be back when I came up with a name for my business (After all, it’s all in a name, now isn’t it?).

Two weeks later Bobbles, Bangles & Bling was born.

I wanted to sell exceptional fashion jewelry (conversation pieces I call it) at affordable prices to women who enjoy and appreciate beautiful, elaborate and fun jewelry. I like it when a woman "sparkles" and shines.  It makes you feel fabulous, doesn't it?

Now I travel to various shows and home parties with my daughter, Abigail in tow. She is a natural in sales and enjoys it as much as I do. It’s quite rewarding as a mother to be able to share a passion with my daughter and to make a living at it too.

Out of a love of all things that sparkle came a desire to begin designing and wholesaling jewelry. I’m excited about taking my bling to an all new level! I firmly believe that the possibilities are endless.

I’ll still continue to retail my bling. As an outgoing and energetic person, I love being with women and helping them accessorize.

I think when you commit to something you love doing - and you can have fun at the same time - it's a wonderful life!  It's so amazing to see women come out of their box and try something different, bold and with bling. My jewelry is big, bold and blingy. My motto: Go big or go home!  

If you’d like to purchase my designs wholesale, please click here to contact me. If you'd like to host a home BB&B party -  Invite some of your besties and dress to 'bling'.... I also offer private showings for community charities with a portion of the proceeds going to your favorite charity.  I look forward to the pleasure of answering any of your questions.

For more information, call (904) 703-5860 or e-mail me at